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Medical Illustration

What We Do

At Key Perspective Studios I provide engaging and entertaining visuals that explain science to educate others. The artwork produced tells a story to simplify and clarify complex science topics. While a multitude of media and topics are offered, I specialize in both traditional and digital drawing and painting for public health and patient education. Variable artistic style and creative metaphor are often employed to make the subject matter more relatable and understandable.


By making the creative planning dynamic and keeping the media simple, high science becomes fun and obtainable for the everyone. This choice is apparent in my workflow, which can be viewed here. Each piece produced undergoes multiple revisions. All to make sure my personal creative twist is not only effective and enchanting but produces exactly what the client wants.


To ensure the highest quality product is created Key Perspective Studios enlists the guidance of content specialists. Artwork is continually reviewed and revised. High caliber painting, drawing, and editing materials and software are used by an educated and certified medical illustrator. Images are generated in a timely fashion in strong, commutive partnership with the client. 

MI Available Services

Available Services

While there are standards in each of the markets below, the most effective media will be decided upon with the client. Possible medias are pen & ink/line, tonal/greyscale, or color as either 2-D illustration or animation.

Unsubjective and straight to the point, these illustrations show realistic and/or didactic anatomy or pathology for instructional purposes. Often multiple views are shown, and many labels are added.  


Key steps in a surgical procedure are laid out to instruct on the technique, instrumentation, and/or human pathology. 


Cellular & Molecular

Used to show both biochemistry and pharmacology, microscopic anatomy is shown in tandem with molecules to show the physiological pathways and mechanisms of the cellular world.


Patient Education

Especially in this market, science is made simple and engaging to educate patients and their loved ones on procedures, medications usage, disease management, and many other topics.

Public Health & Information

Awareness, preventative practices, and general lifestyle health habits are visually explained and encouraged. Societal health improves through better understanding. 



“Out of the box” visuals are standard, and anything goes so long as the message is received. More about concept, these illustrations are used to engage audiences with scientific articles and research. 

MI Process



An initial meeting is set up with the client to discuss what they are looking for. Expectations, needs and wants, and possible solutions are all explored. 


Following the consultation, I compose a proposal for the client. It will detail the intended product, production timeline, pricing, potential steps and revisions necessary, and expectations for both parties.  


Once the proposal has been discussed, revised, and agreed upon by both the client and myself, I begin the research process to ensure accuracy and precision. 


The number and types of sketches will slightly vary from project to project due to caliber and subject variability. The potential types of sketches are thumbnails, refined, content, layout/composition, and anatomy. Which are necessary for the project will be discussed between the client and myself during the proposal.

*Storyboard (only for animation production) 

Chronological snap shots of key moments are paired with scene descriptions, narration, camera movement, and scene transitions. 


*Animatic (only for animation production)

A rough cut of the animation that focuses on overall pacing and timing by combining narration with scene transitions. 


Color Study/Color Key

Color sets a mood to the piece. Exploring flat color combinations is a critical step in making sure the client’s desired tone is conveyed to their audience. 


After much collaboration, the final artwork is delivered in the designated format. 

MI Artist Statement

Artist Statement

As children we love to learn because we are curious and open. As we age and knowledge becomes more complex, we become discouraged. Not only is science’s beauty not appreciated, but people are medically uninformed and cannot advocate for themselves. My work strives to eradicate that problem by making complex science so elegantly simple it is not only easy to understand but enjoyable again. 


I render a range of subject matters within the biomedical field through both traditional and digital mediums. Usually digital, my artwork ranges in style from realistic to simplistic depending on the audience and intended mood. Which in tandem with subject determines my color palette. My darker, more vibrant palette helps place focus on the pure natural beauty of science. Whereas my lighter, softer palette places focus on the intended lesson. Sometimes science just needs to be admired, but usually it cannot be truly cherished without understanding it’s teachings. 


Though the good, old pencil and sketchbook hold a special place in my heart, I use multiple adobe programs, and other art software to create my work. 2-D and 3-D, still and animation, vector and raster programs are all employed to produce the most dynamic and refined art possible. 

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