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FA What We Do

Fine Art

What We Do

Key Perspective Studios provides custom fine art that is captivating and intriguing. The artwork produced tells an enchanting tale while also challenging the viewer to think about the world differently. Works are created for galleries or shows, as well as commissioned for individual clients. Original pieces and prints are available to anyone interested.  


Due to numerous years of training in multiple styles, techniques, and mediums, the highest quality work is produced. The vast skill set and adaptability allow an organic process from start to finish. Knowledge of art history and the current art world ensure each piece is entirely unique. The proper medium, palette, and style are chosen for the greatest success.  

FA Avaiable Services

Available Services

Art Sales
If you wish to purchase any of my work, contact me about price and shipping.
Contact me if interested in an original, one-of-a-kind piece. 

You can view if an original is available in the piece's description box. 


You can boy a print as is or matted in sizes ranging from full scale to 1/4 size. 


Done in graphite pencil, charcoal, or colored pencil these works are produced on quality paper

and framed in mat board for a clean, final presentation. 


Done in oil or acrylic paint, these works can be produced on masonite, canvas, linen, or wood.

Mixed Media

Done anywhere from low to high relief, these works are abstracted to some degree and contain at least one non-traditional media. 


Done indoor or outdoor, large or small, these works liven up any location. The type of paint for

each project is dependent upon he site's state and climate.


Done on my computer and tablet using an array of programs, these works can be produced for

print, digital, or web. 

FA Process



An initial meeting is set up with the client to discuss what they are looking for. Expectations, needs and wants, and possible solutions are all explored. 


Following the consultation, I compose a proposal for the client. It will detail the intended product, production timeline, pricing, and expectations for both parties.  


During this time, I fervently work on the commission and I contact you if any concerns

or questions arise.  



The final artwork is delivered in the designated format. 

FA Artist Statement

Artist Statement

We have a duty to the world to constantly challenge our beliefs and ideals. In doing so, a new duty to ourselves arises – the need to escape reality and breathe and remember there is magic in the world. Sometimes you just need to look and enjoy. Sometimes you need to listen and learn. My art offers both in hopes the viewer receives what they need. My passion and obligation as an artist to showcase the world’s beauty while still asking for better is the reason I create. 

I depict alluring scenes in various palettes and styles in an attempt to capture a strong mood. Often focusing on light and ambiance, I wish to take the viewer on an emotional journey where they can sit back and simply enjoy the view. But under that beauty a challenge lies. Sometimes subtle, and other times direct, the viewer is encouraged to see or find a different perspective – a new way of viewing a person, place, or idea. The message usually focuses on contemporary ideas and concepts, such as gender, racial, and religious equality. 

Using traditional techniques, I work mostly in graphite, charcoal, and oil paint. Though my endless curiosity has my medium repertoire always growing. What inspires me depends on the day. Almost daily I find myself admiring something I wish to paint or draw. Anything from simple sunlight on a hand to a dynamic stage performance can enchant me. When I am too wrapped up in life to appreciate the world around me, my art history books never fail. But no matter where the inspiration comes from, the creation it spurs will never cease.

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