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Hi! My name is Kristin, though many call me KP. Thank you so much for visiting my site! Here at Key Perspective Studios, I offer an array of services both in fine art and medical illustration. I am quite passionate about my art and find great joy in making people’s visions come to life. Please take some time and peruse. Whether you are here to browse, buy, or commission, I hope you find yourself entertained and inspired.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to talk to you. Enjoy!



Kristin Piciacchia was born and raised in Canton, Ohio where she went to an arts high school that shaped her into a competent, well-rounded artists early on. Her talents were then recognized with a full-tuition scholarship from Seton Hill University. In those four undergraduate years Kristin not only harnessed her artistic abilities, but also honed her leadership and communication skills by receiving further art scholarships, winning speech competitions, and coaching both a high school varsity soccer team and a speech and debate team. She received a BFA in Art with a Biology minor from Seton Hill University. Passionate to combine her skills in communication, creativity, and science she currently pursues an MS in Medical Illustration at Augusta University in Georgia. 


Long before any formal training, Kristin had an artist’s eye. During a preschool art project the kids were told to trace and color a hand



however they wanted. While others made their hands entirely blue or turned them into monsters, Kristin used the wrinkled creases on her fingers and palm to section her hand into a color-coded map. To quote her grandmother who still has the picture on her fridge, “I knew with that drawing that you were different.” Kristin would spend her childhood days drawing characters from her favorite books, making chalk murals that filled the entire driveway, or building fairy houses in the woods behind her childhood home; all a testament to her creativity and imagination that still drive her work to this day. 

Having grown up in a medical family, the young artist always searched for a career where her innate creativity and curiosity would integrate seamlessly with her scientific upbringing. Medical illustration fulfilled that wish. The profession practices the use of art to translate and communicate science between different minded people, which is something she has done with her family her whole life. She is well on her way to realizing this dream as both a medical illustrator for the Cleveland Clinic and a member of the Association of Medical Illustrators.    

Medical Illustration involves the creation of visual art that clarifies scientific and medical concepts. Professional artists with extensive medical and art training collaborate with the science community to produce images that expound, educate, and excite; solving complex problems with visual solutions that share knowledge with all audiences. 




Fine art is visual art created primarily for imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual purposes.
The value lies not in the utilitarian use, but in the beauty and meaningfulness of the art. 
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